Bad News for Our Family

22 08 2009

So, I just received a phone call and it’s not looking good. My grandpa is very ill and has been for a while now. It has made it even worse since my grandma passed away in April 2008. He has so many problems including vasulitis (a rare form of it), enlarged heart, COPD, Kidney failure, pneumonia, congestive heart failure and the list could go on. He hasn’t eaten since last sunday and can not do anything for himself now.
He’s at dialysis right now but his BP dropped to 70/32 which is very low. Since hospice has started yesterday, they have given him a bath, changed his bed linen and even a chaplin has come already.

Here is a brief summary of my grandparents. My grandma was so loving, caring, church going, passionate women. And my granpa was the goofy, funny, hard working ma. They pretty much raised my brother and I when my dad was married the first time and through the divorce and such. My grandma use to babysit and she would have sooo many kids at thehouse and I don’t know how she did it. If there was 1 person I could ever want to be, It would be my late grandma.
My dad and stepmom had run them out of so much money and when we lived in KY, that was the only reason we got to talk to them. Just to ask for rent money or electric money. It was pitiful. How could someone treat their parents so bad. Dad and the evil stepmother had jobs and when my older brother and I could work, the witch made us and took pretty much all of our money and spent it. It got to the point we were the ones paying the bills. So yes, this is the reason I went into the Marines, to get the HELL away from them.
Anyways, I need to call my brother and let him know whats going on to make him prepared. I need to start packing and getting things together because anytime he can go. It could be today or a month from now or maybe even months from now. Either way, its going to happen and this 600-700 mile trip isn’t going to be that great especially with 3 kids 2 of them in diapers, bottle feedings, tunnels (yes I have panic disorder with agoraphobia… So I don’t know how I am going to do it. Our savings is pretty much emppty from mold company and my stupid van so I can’t fly….
But I will post how things go every single day. Please just pray for him and if he does go, he will be back with his wife of 54 yrs and be happy again
Take care

A Very Bad Night

22 08 2009

So, after writing my first blog at like 3 am, i went upstairs and put the 2 oldest in their own beds. I laid down and relaxed for a minute then picked up a book and started reading. Next thing I know, I hear something hit my husbands truck. I looked out my window and saw someone standing on top of it and jump on the roof. First thing I did was grab my AR-15 and loaded the sucker then turned on our bathroom light (which was where the guy would have tried to come in). I guess he saw the light and heard our dog barking and I heard the thud sound again and saw him run down the street. Obviously I called the police but they didn’t do anything. I finally fell asleep at almost 6 a.m. worrying what would happen next.

Didn’t get much sleep kids all woke up at 7 a.m. so I am just blah today. IF you have someone deployed, then you know how it usually works: They are home everything is great, the second they leave, everything breaks down. Between a lawsuit against previous owners for fraud and non disclosure, there was toxic black mold in the house which caused our baby to have a ton of medical problems and almost killed him. So we had to fork out $5,000 for a company to get it out and they still are not done with finishing the damage they had to fix. Then my a/c compresser blows in my van. I had already spent $3,800 last month to get a new radiator, brakes, and a whole crap load of things done. Now I had to fork out another $1000 to fix a/c. A LOAD OF CRAP especially with 3 young children…. We couldn’t go anywhere because it was too hot and if we did, we had to go at 6 a.m. or 9 p.m…..

I know it may seem like I complain a lot on here, but its my way of getting things off of my chest so I don’t blow up at people….Especially a certain person, (we’ll call her Amy)… Last deployment they ran all over me. They couldn’t pay their bills so moved in with me and kids, they needed money all the time. The problem is, they (yes she lives with her mom) make almost $6,000 a month together…. Thats a shit load of money to me. But yet they live in a small 3bdrm trailor thats like $400 bucks a month. So what do they do with their money???

Amy’s daughters father is a Marine as well and nice as can be, but what she doesn’t know is he’s trying to get full custody of both girls. Amy and her mother are sweet people, but they live in trash (not talking about the trailor) rather whats inside the trailor. It is full of crap and no room to walk. Amy actually left rat poisening laying out and her 2 dogs ate the whole bag now one is dead the other is highly sick but can’t afford vet bills so she gives him peanut butter… What if the kids would have eaten it? What then?  Their electric will be cut off in a couple of days if they can’t pay the $400 bucks needed and I am the next person they will run to. Well, the only one… THey think since my husband is gone, they can run all over me.

I can not take it anymore. I have my own life, my own kids, my own bills and my own medical issues and I don’t need to take care of someone else. Oh, well… Guess this is what I have to deal with being in a crappy military town that has nothing but sluts and Marines all over. There is nothing to do here if you have kids and are married and the married wives looking for sex while their hubby’s are gone. IT’s a shame what these people do. I hope we move soon well shortly after he comes home. And I hope its far far away from here.

Well, if anyone gets bored reading my posts, let me know how I can improve them…. I have soooo many military stories I could post but don’t know what ya’ll are interested in.

Take care and have a wonderful day !

Marine Wife, Disabled Veteran, and Mom of 3

22 08 2009

So, we’ve been married almost 7 years and have 3 wonderful children. But, as usual, hubby is deployed again so I am up late because I can not sleep…. Nothing new. I decided to start a blog about my life as a Marine and Marine wife and mother of 3. May not seem interesting, but trust me, my life is better than my fav. soap Days of Our Lives. hahaha… No seriously it is….

My hubby is a wonderful man and a SSgt in the Marines. He is deployed right now in a location I can not say. We have had our ups and downs like usual, but it takes a strong person to be able to handle the military lifestyle, especially with kids.

I feel like a married single mother if that makes any sense to you all… He is gone 7-8 months at a time then home for maybe the same length of time. You get so use to a schedule, then they leave, and you have to change everything. By the time they come back, gotta change it again. hahaha.

Kids are not easy as some of you all kow having them yourselves and being married or single. But when you have your 6 yr old asking if daddy is dead, it makes you want to cry. Then the 3 yr old starts crying for daddy wanting him to come home. Every night when they go to bed, they will lay in our bed all bundled up and say this: “Night Night Daddy, We love you daddy, we miss you daddy, see you soon!” then blow a kiss to the stars. I tear up every single night not knowing what is in store for the next day. Is something going to happen? Will he come home? What if someone comes to our door in uniform? What will I do and What will I tell our children? You are constantly on edge and can’t sleep and can’t eat but try not to show emotion around the kids.

Then you get a phone call at 3 a.m. and its him… You are so excited that he’s still alive and well, but you know it could be your last so you make every second count. Plus you both have a countdown till homecoming and are so anxious….

Well, this is it for now because I am starting to cry. But I hope ya’ll find my blog interesting and understand that military families go through hell every single day and they do this and marry these men and women knowing they may not come home, but they did what they had to to protect every single person in the country. 9/11 I hope won’t happen again but they are trying and dying to protect us. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers every day and night. If you see a veteran or active duty military member, don’t be shy, shake their hand and say “Thank you for everything you have done” it will make their day and your own.

Have a great night and God Bless all of you!!!